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Topic Map Tool: Conduct 85% of Your Keyword Research in Minutes

  • Conduct keyword research in a fraction of the time
  • Prevent keyword cannibalization with keyword clustering
  • Scrape SERP results, tag keyword intent, and get the keyword page type
  • AI title generation by reverse engineering competitor titles
  • Export PNG graphics of your map or a CSV of the data
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Grow Your Traffic and Revenue with The Highest Quality AI Content Available

  • 3,000 word average article length
  • Automatic on-page optimization
  • Bullets, lists, tables, and bold text auto applied
  • 15+ language options
  • Article re-writes and iterative improvements
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Semantically Structured Outlines for SEO in Seconds

  • Scraper for competitor outlines
  • List view or text view to make outline edits simple
  • 15 Language Options (with regionalization options)
  • Ability to use your own outlines
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Built-in GPT 4 Turbo Editor, Custom Editor GPT, in a Simple Design

  • Generate table of contents with 1-click
  • Generate key takeaways with 1-click
  • Plagiarism detection, AI detection, and readability analysis
  • Word Count, Header Count, and Internal Link Counter
  • Built-in GPT 4 turbo at no extra cost to you
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Link Externally or Internally with a Click of a Button

  • Upload a CSV
  • Save settings to individual projects or upload
    A unique CSV in a single article
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AI Content is Not Created Equally

The great shortcoming of On-Page optimization tools for 2024 SEO is something many overlook, and it’s an obvious flaw. While you might think your content is great because it scores really well on your favorite On-Page analysis tool, the real issue with these “scores” is the lack of analysis for the way the content is structured.

  • How are headings worded?
  • What is the semantic structure of the content?
  • What are the topical borders?
  • Do you have headings stacked on top of each other?
  • Do you have fluff content that screams "made with AI"?
  • What data formats are used? Tables? Lists?
  • AI can hallucinate at varying levels. Is your content the result of a tipsy AI?
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I could paste all the entities and keywords in a giant paragraph and your SEO tool would pat you on the back and say:

“Good job little buddy, you’ve made a great article. Have yourself a nap.”

- SEO Tool
poorly written ai content

Get Real

Even if you had a content workflow that was average, you run into another problem. When everyone is using the most popular workflow (chatgpt, anthropic, some prompts you found from a guy living under a bridge), you won’t be able to pull ahead of the competition and I don’t think poppa Google will find your average fluff soup very appealing.

This is why I made ContentSprout AI. I read years of Google patents. I watched hundreds of hours of videos. I spent 1,000 hours prompting (which was really more like 1,000 hours shouting into the sky “Dear God make it stop”).

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andrew ansley
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The Result?

A content tool that writes content that reads better than humans, removes 80% of garbage AI words, removes 95% of fluff, creates beautiful tables, and it pulls specific data points with little to no hallucination.

Articles average 3,000 words and read like a 12th grader (better for onpage). Because I know that multiple attempts lead to better articles, I have a custom editor GPT built-in that analyzes the content, identifies how it can improve, and it will rewrite your article for you.

I have an entire editing process that lasts 5 minutes for the text and a secondary workflow to create images and audio for every article. Goodbye Google Penalties, hello Helpful Content.

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It's Unbelievably Cool.

Mehrab Sattar
Mehrab Sattar

Kontakt Digital, CEO


Mehrab Sattar – COO @ Kontakt Digital (SEO Agency)

Content sprout has drastically streamlined our content roadmap for clients and allowed us to quickly create content for clients.

The best thing about content sprout is the ability to create detailed topical maps, outlines for the topics in the topical map and a full blog post within minutes. It has drastically improved our overall process.

Dewan Bayney
Dewan Bayney

Kontakt Digital, Founder


I run an SEO agency as well as a partnership program where we take equity stakes in businesses and take over their entire marketing.

Content sprout has allowed us to solve the problem of clients being afraid to write content.

This was one of our largest sticking points as ultimately its impossible to rank without content on the website.

Instead of just focussing on service pages we are now able to execute entire content maps quickly and get clients to a point where they just have to QC the content rather then start from scratch.

Best thing about content sprout for us is the depth of content being created – it allows our team to move right into a quality control and editing frame rather then spend hours of labour doing deep research.

We have been using this for internal projects as well as clients and the ability to focus on getting content up VS endless production cycles of writers has allowed us to focus on link building and real strategy.

10/10 product you deserve the testimonial

Matthias Walsh
Matthias Walsh

The Copy Company, Owner & Managing Director


Content Sprout is simply on of the best tools I’ve ever used for long form SEO content creation. Period.

And I’m an copywriter by trade, so I’ve used a lot.

It doesn’t just READ well, it RANKS well. Every aspect of the way it writes is formulated to produce optimal SEO results. Barely needs editing.

Ariel Desjardins Charbonneau
Ariel Desjardins-Charbonneau

Physioactif, Co-Owner


Andrew it the most generous guy in the SEO industry. The quality of his software is way bigger than the price you are paying for. For anyone that wants to build a website with quality in no time, ContentSprout it the greatest.

simon cornellius
Simon Cornelius

Page 1 Doctors, CEO


The topical content map is awesome! The amount of brain power and time it saves me is really beyond words, not to mention it comes up with topics that I would likely never have included. We work a lot with medical and legal clients, who can have a pretty wide scope of content. For years, my goal was to build out a content map at the beginning of a campaign, and then methodically work through the clusters and get VAs to write content. But it’s one of those things that takes a ton of research and rarely gets totally completed. Type in your main keyword, click go, and it’s done a short while later. No need for a VA, just an editor to possibly fine tune the content topics. The content writer is pretty kick ass also! Stop wondering if this is right for you and take Content Sprout for a spin!

stephanie solheim
Stephanie Solheim

Grow With Meerkat, CEO


Creating high-quality articles for my client websites is super easy with Content Sprout. All you need to do is tell the AI your niche, and it creates a detailed topical map. Then, it writes SEO-optimized content! The level of SEO optimization is excellent, so there’s no need for any extra tweaks. It’s like having your very own team of strategists, SEO pros, and skilled writers.
It is really just that easy to use.

Content Sprout makes creating and optimizing content simpler and better than ever before.

chris castillo headshot square
Chris Castillo

Propel Digital Marketing, CEO


Content Sprout is changing the game of SEO content strategies by allowing you to do, in minutes, what it has traditionally taken hours (if not days) to do. The content quality and topical coverage you get from Content Sprout is like no other tool on the market. Absolutely amazing stuff!

brian hong
Brian Hong

Infinitech Designs, Founder


I’m Brian Hong, and I’ve been working in the SEO and digital marketing field since 2000. I founded an agency that serves clients across dozens of niches.

We needed a clustering solution that was scalable and effective as well as assisting with our content marketing and entity coverage.

The greatest advantage of Content Sprout is that it enables us to achieve more with less, enhancing our productivity and the distribution of entity optimized content on client websites.

Quicker Deployment + Increased Traffic + Better Results + Satisfied Client = Cha Ching!

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We use a credit system that can be used however you like. If you don’t want to use the topic map tool, then use the credits to write more articles. If you don’t want to use the article writer or the topic map tool, use the outline generator.

  • Outlines = 1 Credit
  • Articles = 7 Credits
  • Rewrites = 3 Credits
  • Clustering & Keyword Analysis = 1 Credit
  • Search Volume & CPC = 1 Credit
  • Topic Map = 3 Credits per category


Credits (starting at)
$15 for 11 Credits
Additional Credits
Credits Roll Over
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Additional Credits
Credits Roll Over
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Additional Credits
Credits Roll Over
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If you want multiple topic maps and 20+ articles each month, request a custom plan.

All Packages Include

    • Wordpress API
    • Automated Internal Links
    • GPT Turbo Editor
    • Plagiarism Detection
    • AI Detection
    • Readability Analysis
    • Outline Generator
    • Topic Map Generator
    • Article Writer
    • Custom Editor GPT
    • Keyword Clustering
    • Keyword Research
Done For You
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Content Editing & Content Creation

  • Audio Transcription
  • Expert Editor to Remove Anything Bad and Add a Human Touch
  • DFY Content writing without a paid subscription
  • Image creation
  • DFY content from $50 - $200

Results With AI Content Are Good

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